7 Things To Look For In A Concrete Polishing Company


Make sure you get a qualified professional concrete polishing company

Many contractors offer a concrete polishing service, but they don’t all offer the same quality service. Research the different companies before choosing one. A helpful place to check for work companies have completed is their feedback section. This is not the type of work you want done by anyone who is not professionally qualified.

To select a company that will professionally install a polished concrete floor look at the services they offer. A qualified installer should offer these services:

* Does the company offer the latest industry techniques?

They should be using the latest techniques that the industry approved. The procedures they follow should ensure a quality job that will last you years without needing repairs. This kind of service can only be provided if the company properly trains their employees. The employees need training on the approved concrete and polishing industry procedures and techniques.

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Polished Concrete Floors – The Way To Go


Introduction: Polished Concrete Floors

A polished concrete floor is a foot traffic beauty with a glossy finish look for residential and commercial buildings. Modern polished concrete floors can be customized for coloring, you can create design patterns into the raw concrete, before it is polished, i.e., a company’s logo. You can also place specialized minerals into the concrete and control its reflection, depending on the different levels of polishing methods that are applied.

Methods for Polishing Concrete Floors

Polishing concrete floors requires two different methods – either the wet method or the dry process. Dry polishing is the more common method used, especially in commercial industries. Wet polishing calls for water to cool the diamond abrasives, because water reduces the friction that a grinding machine would use, plus it acts as a natural lubricant. With dry polishing, water is not used, instead a floor polishing machine is used that is connected to a dust elimination system that vacuums up dust, dirt, and other contaminants that are unseen by the human eye. Can both methods be used – yes, the dry method starts the process, then the wet method is used to smooth out the concrete surface.

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What Exactly is Concrete?


Concrete is a material that is commonly used all over society. This substance is used to make roads and as a foundation for railroads and houses. Concrete is also used in warehouses and is often employed for making columns in buildings. When manufacturers make concrete they form this substance by combining specific ingredients such as water, aggregate and cement.


How is Concrete Created?


The cement that is used within concrete is created from powdered limestone and powered clay. Both of these substances are heated together inside of a rotary kiln until they produce a fine gray colored powder. Manufacturers then mix this powder with aggregate and water to make concrete. Aggregate material could consist of materials such as:

  • sand
  • crushed stone
  • gravel
  • slag

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5 reasons to polish your apartment’s concrete floor


Because of its association with cold, drafty buildings like jails and warehouses, it is difficult to think of concrete floors as sexy or attractive. But concrete’s unmatched ability to be polished to a brilliant sheen, coupled with its durability, it’s not difficult to imagine concrete becoming the preferred choice for future home remodeling projects.

Here are some of the underlying benefits of choosing concrete over other surfaces:

  • It is virtually indestructible
  • It holds a remarkable shine
  •  It is receptacle to a variety of finishes


Contrary to long-held beliefs, concrete is the ideal surface for any room in the house, even living rooms. The concrete slab’s surface can be refined to compliment a variety of styles and personalities. The hardened surface look just as attractive painted or stained, or with a few strategically-placed area rugs.

The number of decorative ideas are practically limitless with concrete.


Maintaining concrete floors is a snap. The only tools needed is a mop and bucket, and a little soap and water. The finished concrete resists stains and dirt and dries quickly. However, I is a good idea to use a vinyl or water-resistant baseboard to keep moisture away from paneling or drywall.

If, however, you’ve decided to paint the concrete surface, be aware that the paint is likely to show wear over time, but the polished concrete surface will remain unaffected. This is great for End of lease.


Compared to other surface enhancements, concrete is very economical, costing as few as $2 a sq. ft. to polish. Polished concrete surfaces take on a sheen that rivals anything that could be attained through adding tiles or vinyl.

In addition, concrete surfaces can be customized to project a variety of designs and finishes. The boundaries of which are limited only by the designer’s imagination. However, such elaborate and exotic designs will result in an increase in costs, which can range anywhere from $5-$8.

Top Concrete Polishing Sydney Business


Picture: http://www.auburn.edu/academic/architecture/bsc/classes/bsc314/timeline/timeline.htm 


With proper maintenance, a concrete floor can be expected to last well in excess of a hundred years. It is safe to say that this projection places the lifespan well outside the reach of both, the homeowner, and the other structural materials that make up the domicile.

So, polishing concrete floors is one area where the homeowner can achieve perfect peace of mind.


Let’s not forget concrete’s original purpose as an outdoor surface material. Concrete is great for patios and porches and even walkways. However, it is best to apply a silicon sealant to concrete surfaces that will be exposed to the elements. This will help protect the already durable surface from the tremendous wear-and-tear it will be subjected to as an outdoor flooring.

Polishing your home or apartment concrete surfaces is one way to protect it from everyday wear-and-tear. It is also a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home or apartment. Polishing makes concrete more amenable to a number of surface designs, as well as surface enhancements like paints and stains. Look for concrete to play an increasingly more important role in home and apartment