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Nov.26.2007 - New Framework for Agriculture, Agri-Food, and Agri-Based Products Industry


Nov.19.2007 - Protecting Communities from Young Offenders who Pose Public Safety Risk


Nov.12.2007 - Lest We Forget


Nov.09.2007 - Veterans' Week and Remembrance Day


Nov.05.2007 - Historic Tax Relief is a Win-Win for Taxpayers and Canada


Oct.29.2007 - Brown Sworn in as Canada's Second Elected Senator


Oct.22.2007 - Government Shares Vision for the Future of Canada


Oct.15.2007 - National Anti-Drug Strategy - 3 Prong Approach


Oct.02.2007 - Enabling Seniors to Live Active Lives


Sept.24.2007 - Will Opposition Demands Topple Government?


Sept.18.2007 - New Mental Health Commission Poised to
Launch Key Initiatives


Sept.11.2007 - Senate Reform - Essence of Responsible Government


Sept.7.2007 - Setting New Standards with Tight Fiscal Rein


Aug.28.2007 - Making Tremendous Progress in Afghanistan


Aug.22.2007 - Equalization Transfer Produces Large Provincial Surplus


Aug.14.2007 - Cabinet Shuffle Good for Saskatchewan


Aug.07.2007 - Skelton not to seek re-election


Jul.31.2007 - Equalization Transfer Produces Large Provincial Surplus


Jul.25.2007 - Canada Health Transfer


Jul.17.2007 - Touring the Riding


Jul.11.2007 - An Historic Investment in Biofuels that will greatly benefit our rural communities


Jul.04.2007 - A Bold, Innovative Approach to Agriculture


Jun.27.2007 - Summer in the Riding


Jun.19.2007 - Calvert Plays Political Games on Equalization


Jun.12.2007 - Unaccountable, Unelected Liberal Senators Continue to Block Reform


Jun.05.2007 - Taxpayers' Ombudsman

May.29.2007 - Taxpayers' Bill of Rights

May.23.2007 - Improving the tax system for all Canadians

May.14.2007 - Getting Things Done for the Victims of Crime

May.07.2007 - Parliament should focus on the issues, not hockey

May.01.2007 - Turning the Corner on Climate Change

Apr.24.2007 - Opposition's Environmental Plan is Reckless

Apr.17.2007 - Women Programming Stronger than Ever

Apr.10.2007 - Celebrating our Veterans of World War I

Apr.04.2007 - Celebrating Saskatchewan

Mar.26.2007 - Budget 2007: Investing in the future of Saskatchewan

Mar.20.2007 - Budget 2007: Getting Things Done For All of Us

Mar.12.2007 - Getting Things Done for our Farm Families

Mar.07.2007 - Getting Things Done for Seniors

Feb.27.2007 - Stunning Liberal Flip-Flop on Anti-Terrorism Act

Feb.20.2007 - Gettings Things Done by Setting Priorities

Feb.13.2007 - Getting Things Done on the Environment

Feb.05.2007 - Getting Things Done for all of Saskatchewan

Jan.29.2007 - An Effective and Efficient Environmental Plan

Jan.22.2007 - Claim your tax-credit for getting your children involved in organized physical activity

Jan.16.2007 - Pilot Project to Establish Wait Time Guarantees for Children

Jan.08.2007 - A New Year, a New Role

Jan.02.2007 - Developing the Biofuel Industry

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